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Zombie Plague and L4D2 recent issues

(This post was last modified: 02-09-2019, 06:22 PM by Frost.)

Due to some confusion and that this hasn't been necessarily properly announced yet, I have decided to do that. Unfortunately, zombie plague has been having some issues for the past 2 weeks - progress not saving (exp and prestiges specifically) and not receiving any ranks, if purchased. Same goes with L4D2 server.

Now, even though I'm one of the owners of this community, I have not been granted access to the server files and, even if I did, I doubt I'd be capable of fixing it (due to my lack of experience in that). 2 weeks ago zombie plague completely vanished from amxbans, which meant that I was not capable of interacting with that server via amxbans. I have no clue what went wrong with l4d2, last time I visited the server, everything seemed to be fine and, even though this server is still on amxbans, ranks don't seem to be working.

I wish I could, but I, unfortunately, can't do anything in my power. Even though our rules clearly say that we do not refund anyone, this, in my point of view, is a bit too much. So if you're not really into waiting, till the other 2 servers will be fixed, you could ask dexter for a refund. I'm not promising that he'll refund those who purchased the rank. You can find his skype on the 'contacts' section.

By inspecting all the servers, I have included that you should still have your rank on these servers: - DD2 - BaseBuilder

And, unfortunately, these two servers aren't active at all, but that's just a heads up.
Again, sorry for any inconvinience and I would not advise anyone to purchase anything on any available platforms here, as you will not get what's promised.

When and if this will be fixed, I will probably come up with a compensation.

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