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New Server


I wanted to ask if userzm.lt could open a ZM Hero MOD.The Gameplay link is https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xdygcdOqwUg
Watch the video and Vote down Yes or No


Download CSNZ and play your stupid zm hero.
It's free on steam.


IN MOST regions isnt available.Also its a great mod


First of all, our finances aren't limited, we already have to pay for 4 servers and nobody would fund us for that. Second of all, that would most definitely be time consuming and I doubt it would even be worth it at the end. Third of all, I really doubt the server would receive any activity, unless it would be constantly boosted, which we don't have enough money for.



At least it's better than userzm servers coz it's playable...
I agree with u Smile

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