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New Umbrella Swarm Update


Hello these are my Suggestions about umbrella swarm server.
1.Make the zombies hp 1000
2.Fix the /powers menu
3.Add 50 or more levels
4.Add CSO guns in higher levels
5.Fix the lag at Server
6.Make the damage of weapons according to the levels
7.Make atleast 1200 damage of Baseball at Damage 5 lvl


1. Zombies health are dependent on the class itself, 1000 HP is way too low, given that you can already preety much one shot or kill zombies easily with specific weapons. If anything, zombies health would have to be increased, not decreased.
2. The powers menu seems to be working fine for me, or did you mean specific powers?
3. Not a bad idea, but then the levels must have a purpose, nobody will really be keen on reaching level 50 without benefiting from it.
4. Unnecessary, more unlocks appropriate for the level would make more sense.
5. The server doesn't seem to be lagging, I suppose boxes are the ones causing the server to lag occasionally.
6. What do you mean by this? The higher the level weapon unlock you choose, the better it is. Not every gun deals more damage than the lower level ones, but they have other benefits.
7. I don't want zombies to be killed with one hit with a knife, disagreed.

Thanks for your suggestions!

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