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GeNeRaL admin abuse!! Im so scared he might ban me!


Your in-game nickname- fnatic no73e
Admins nickname- GeNeRaL
Violation- I have 3 things to say, 1st thing, i killed people then he keep saying no noo then i said why? and then he said " shut the fuck up" and "shut up" then i keep asking him then he gag me for no reason! 2nd thing, I used infection bomb to kill him and then he slayed me! 3rd thing , he threatened me for a ban if i report him for abuse admin. Thats all, pls help me settle him or else the reason of players is so less is because his attitude.
Admins steamid and/or IP adress- -
Proof of his guilt (demo is preferable)- https://imgur.com/a/UIz684w(the proof he threatened to ban me) ,/fhttps://imgur.com/a/Ux518yr(the proof he called me to shut up and gagged me for no reason), https://imgur.com/a/3AiJAqr (the proof he slayed me for infecting him) 
What exactly can we see the violation in your demo?- How he treat people.


Admin confiscated.
It would, however, be better if you provided a demo next time, as everything can be seen in a more detailed way by watching a demo.

Thank you for your report.
Thread closed.

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