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Event - skribbl game (repetition).


I'm preety sure most of you are already familiar with an IO game called "skribbl.io", however, for those of you who aren't, it's simple. You participate in a drawing game, you have to select one word from 3 and have to try to illustrate that. There are multiple rounds and the top 3 players with most points will determine the top 3 winners of this event. When other competitors are drawing, you have to guess the object he's trying to illustrate. Usually 1-2 words appear in the top middle (depends on how long the word is) to give you a hint. The more users and the faster they guess your illustration, the more points you can obtain. You can guess by typing the word you associate the most in the chat (left side).

To even participate in the event, make sure you will be aviable then (the time is specified below). Unfortunately, there're limited players - 12, so only 12 users (including me) will be able to participate in this. If you want to enter this event, please post a reply using an appropriate format given below. After competitors will be determined, I will create a private room on that game and send an invitation to you all. There will only be one match.

To enter a game, pick English as the language (located next to the empty bar, where you have to write in your nickname) and press "Play!". Start mastering the game, so you'd know what you're doing in the event!

To sign up for the event:
19/12/2018 - 22/12/2018

When the event will take place:
23/09/2018, GMT+2, 13:00 PM.

Your in-game nickname- 
Your contact information (skype / discord / steam - discord would be preferable) - mandatory- 
Do you agree with the rules below?- 
Wishes to other contestants- 

You can only participate, if you're 100% sure that you will be in time for the event!
You cannot participate in the event with multiple accounts!
You cannot write words while drawing (no letters/words), illustrate!
You cannot draw innappropriate content, post pornography, swear or insult anyone in the chat or advertise anything.
Don't votekick anyone (unless he's breaking the rules), play the game fairly!

Additional information.
Rewards are optional, you will be able to choose only one of them.
To participate in the event, you HAVE to reply in this thread and USE the format.
The winners of the event will be announced in this thread.
Don't forget to master the game before the event, so you know the basics of it!
Everyone (including staff members) can enter the event.
English will be the chosen language for the event.

First place.
a) Super Admin - 2 months.
b) 12 prestiges + VIP for 4 months (Zombie Plague, L4D2 or BaseBuilder).

Second place.
a) Super Admin - 1 month.
b) 8 prestiges + VIP for 2 months + 2500 ammo packs (Zombie Plague, L4D2 or BaseBuilder).

Third place.
a) Admin - 1 month.
b) 4 prestiges + VIP for 1 month + 1500 ammo packs (Zombie Plague, L4D2 or BaseBuilder).


You have me added.
Yes i do.
Good luck


You can contact me on Steam/Discord.
Yes I agree with the rules.
Best of luck, but I'll win, y'know.


You can contact me on discord/steam
Yes I agree with this rules
Good luck all


Good luck for all.

[Image: 76561197967928453.png]


Due to confusion and not reading the instructions and attending at the right time, the event is canceled.
Please make sure to read everything, just so you know, if you can attend or not.

Thread closed.

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