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Website rules

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1. Chat.
1.1. No offensive or harmful content.
1.2. Do not constantly write the same message with the same/similar content over and over again, 4 in a row is the maximum acceptable amount.
1.3. Do not self-promote, self-advertise.
1.4. Do not plug-in any links not related to userzm (except for uploading and social sites).
1.5. Do not be racist, sexist or biased towards other community members.
1.6. Do not swear at anyone or insult anyone.
1.7. Do not provide misleading information/lie about other community members.

2. Threads & Posts.
2.1. Do not post multiple comments in a row (2 in the row is the maximum acceptable amount).
2.3. Do not publish threads or comments, which contains less than 5 words/contains only emojis.
2.4. Do not publish a thread, which already exists or has similar content, search, if anyone hasn't already published a similar thread to yours.
2.5. Do not publish the same thread over and over again, wait for your original one to be reviewed.
2.6. After being denied in your staff application, you can re-apply 2 weeks after your last denial.
2.7. Do not publish misleading or false information about the community.
2.8. Before publishing a thread, make sure you do it in the right category and subforum.
2.9. Do not go off-topic in a thread with a completely different content/meaning.
2.10. Do not comment on threads, which are older than 3 weeks.

3. Account & Avatar.
3.1. You can register multiple accounts, unless your intentions are to ban evade or get an advantage over something.
3.2. Your avatar, nickname cannot consist of pornography, advertisement, self-promotion or offensive material.
3.3. You cannot sell or share your account with others.

4. Moderators.
4.1. Moderators, just like forum users, have to follow all the forum rules.
4.2. Moderators have to do their duty -- warn/punish users, if they break forum rules.
4.3. Moderators have to include a detailed description, when warning a user (what rule was broken, link to the thread, if necessary and, of course, note for both user and other staff members/provide a screenshot, where the violation can be seen, if it was awarded for breaking a specific chat rule).
4.4. Moderators can edit/delete users profile information, posts, chat messages if it's necessary.
4.5. Moderators cannot abuse their permissions. 

5. Other.
5.1. Do not threaten, blackmail anyone, especially staff.
5.2. Do not attempt to ddos or even threaten to do or attempt it.
5.3. Do not ask other staff members/players for recommendations in your staff applications thread.
5.4. We do not refund in any shape, form or way.

Rules can and will change, without you being aware/notified about it.
Being unaware of rules doesn't free you from responsibility.
Rules apply to everyone.

Staff members can and will decide the punishment severity.

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